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At FSB students are expected to wear their uniform from Monday – Thursday. Students in Year 1 and Year 2 (Key Stage 1) wear a teal polo shirt with navy blue trim, while students in Year 3 upwards (Key Stage 2) wear a white polo shirt with teal trim. All Primary aged students wear navy blue shorts or skort.

Friday is ‘FSB House Day’ and students should wear their House T-Shirt with their school uniform shorts/ skort.

On days when PE is scheduled students in Year 1 and 2 should arrive at school wearing their PE kit. Students in Year 3-6 are required to bring their PE kit and get changed for PE lessons.

We request that parents ensure their students have the correct uniform which is available to purchase from the school office.

Footwear should be comfortable and offer appropriate support. High heel shoes and flip flops are not permitted. Students should wear trainers for PE.

Jewellery should be simple and not distract learning. All jewellery should be removed for PE lessons. If students are unable to remove their jewellery independently it is advised that they do not wear jewellery to school on PE or swimming days. For health and safety reasons long hair must be tied back for PE lessons.