Wattana Bangkok, Thailand 10110
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Pastoral Care

Maintaining the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of each student is our number one priority. Our pastoral care system is designed to support every student and includes a close working partnership with parents. At FSB we passionately believe in two principles: firstly, that if our students are happy, they will flourish and, secondly, that each student is an individual.

FSB is well known for its warm, welcoming atmosphere and the climate of trust which exists between all members of the community. We are fortunate to have families representing many countries, immersing students in a rich diversity of cultures, religions, and backgrounds. We celebrate the diversity of our whole community and are driven by the ethics of inclusion and equal opportunity for all where the culture of Thailand and all nationalities is respected.

We provide a supportive pastoral environment which meets individual needs and promotes the development of happy, considerate students. The pastoral care of all students is coordinated by every class teacher and is overseen by the Head of School.