Wattana Bangkok, Thailand 10110
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At FSB we actively follow a healthy eating policy throughout the School, which is available to view on our school website. We believe that when a child is given healthy, well balanced meals and snacks, they are given the best possible fuel to support them in their development and progress.

We are proud to have an onsite catering service which is owned and operated by the school. This ensures we are able to better monitor the ingredients and preparation of meals. We set our own menus for snack and lunch and believe the food provided to students is of a high nutritional standard. We are able to accommodate dietary requirements and allergies where required.

We recognise the importance of set meal times to sit and eat together in a supervised setting. Students are expected to tidy away their lunch when they are finished.

All students are required to bring a water bottle to school which can be replenished throughout the day using the school water coolers.

Please see our current menu below.