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learning habits

Daily life at our school is based upon fostering a love of learning and encouraging all of our students to be curious, tenacious, independent and above all else, happy, lifelong learners.

We ensure that all of our students develop the twelve FSB Learning Habits, which are taught through our FSB Superhero characters. These learning habits include the ability to learn with creativity, to work effectively with others, to be reflective and to take responsibility for their own learning.

The acquisition of these Learning Habits prepares our students for the challenges they will face beyond life at FSB as they develop the know-how, ability, social skills and confidence to achieve their ambitions.

Miss Fantastic Focus

Engagement : I enjoy joining in and I am enthusiastic to do so.

Precision : I take care in everything I do.

Love of Learning : I love to learn!

Keep it Up Captain

Tenacity : I always keep trying and continue to practice.

Independence : I am proud to do things for myself.

Reflection : I find ways to evaluate and improve.

Link and Learn Hero

Linking: I am able to use my skills and knowledge across subjects and in unfamiliar situations.

Teamwork : I am able to work with others as a team.

Reasoning : I make sensible choices.

I Know Agent

Risk Taking : I am not afraid to try new ideas.

Creativity : I am able to be imaginative, creative and original when I am learning.

Confidence : I feel sure of myself and my abilities.