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Fsb house system

The House system is at the very heart of school life at FSB and our students derive great pride and enjoyment through their involvement with their House.

The aim of the House system is to foster skills such as leadership, responsibility and respect, and develop vertical and horizontal integration across all year groups. The House system enhances students sense of belonging by providing a supportive structure that encourages cooperation and communication across classes and year groups.

FSB is well known for its warm, welcoming atmosphere and the climate of trust which exists between all members of the community. Through the House system our students belong to smaller groups within the whole school community which further reinforces a feeling of togetherness as well as providing opportunities for students to play a more active role and contribute to a community within their school.

Upon entry to the School each student is assigned to one of the four Houses. There are House events throughout the year which enrich the extra-curricular development of our students, promote ‘House spirit’ and provide fantastic opportunities for students to develop their teamwork and interpersonal skills. Students proudly wear their House T-Shirts every Friday and for regular House events and assemblies. Parents and family members are also encouraged to wear their child’s House colour and support their child at our main House events.

As community is such an important part of FSB and the real essence of the House system, we asked our whole school community to develop the House names. It was decided that because Thailand is famous for its gems and our children are so precious, the House names would reflect the most precious gems.

The House names (and colours) are below: